What is ATTA?

ATTA is a Web3 OGC+PUGC content protocol. We aim to build the next-generation content ecosystem with a Web3-native model to financialize OGC and PUGC content flow. We strive to supercharge content creators for the continued generation of hitting ideas while maximizing their business value.

ATTA give users a simple product experience with three major functions at launch:

  • Video streaming
  • Content Curation
  • NFT Marketplace

As ATTA focuses on giving content curators an avenue to earn. Curious about how it works? Here is how;

How does the content curation work?

The content curation function enables decentralized fundraising and content curation for creators.

ATTA provides equal chances for creators and promotes diversity. Creators can get feedback through the community’s evaluation and voting on the project’s ideology then better modify the content and develop the business potential. ATTA also makes it possible for decentralized IP discovery and gem hunting.

Benefits of being a curator in the Web3 space?

Curation has its own roles in social media and curators represent a large and powerful demographic. Web3 protocols provide curators with new opportunities to monetize and creators with opportunities to form their communities around curation. Platforms also benefit from leveraging web3 curation and moderation protocols for their content feeds.

The creator economy has exploded over the last few years, but curators are still left empty-handed. There are >300m curators who’ve never made a dime off their influence.

How can Web3 disrupt this and catalyze the emergence of the creator economy’s middle class?

What roles constitute curation?

How can it be monetized by influencers and their communities? How can communities build quality curation habits internally to help them grow? Let’s dive in.

Jack Dorsey explained that Bluesky would allow Twitter to build "open recommendation algorithms which promote healthy conversation". Doing so would rid Twitter of much of the liability on the content on its platform.

By reducing the network effect lock-in of the incumbents, new interfaces can be created that let us interact with multiple systems transparently, no matter which one our friends are on. In this reality, content moderation/curation would be incentivized by some protocol, allowing users to monetize their likes, ratings, and reporting.

Learn more about ATTA PROTOCOL Here




crypto enthusiast,Brand ambassador KEKW

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crypto enthusiast,Brand ambassador KEKW

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