How To Create Your Own Tokens

What Can You Do With Your Unique Token??

  • For everyone who possesses your particular token, it is comparable to owning stock in a company. The only distinction is that, on Solcial, you are the company because you create the content.
  • Users will only have access to your private contents if they hold a certain amount of your token. On Solcial, you can essentially monetize any skill.
  • Other exchanges might also list your tokens because they were created on a public blockchain and the address is open to everyone.
  • You hold the majority of the supply of your unique token, which has a price and a market cap. As a result, when people are interested in your contents, they purchase your token, which raises the price of your token. Really cool, huh?
  • As a governance token, to vote on the DAO for future decisions about the platform.
  • To have a discount on trading fees.
  • Users will need SLCL to buy the token of anyone on the Solcial platform.



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