Why should you use Solcial platform?

  1. Solcial is permissionless: One of the main reasons why the Solcial platform was founded was to ensure that individuals enjoy their full social rights on the internet without fear of being banned by any regulatory authorities or the government. Solcial has designed a censor-resistant platform with the goal of promoting free speech. Typically, on other social media platforms, there are many limits on user material, such as being banned from your accounts without prior notice, regardless of your social status.
  2. Solcial assists users in monetizing their content: Solcial was established to provide a plethora of opportunities for producers and users to be fairly compensated. This is possible because the platform uses Web3 technologies to provide users with ongoing opportunities to monetize their content without the need for permission. Making money online will become a reality with Solcial.
  3. Solcial is quick and scalable: Solcial platform was designed to manage hundreds of millions of users on a single chain. Censorship and exploitation of user data has been a popular trend in various social networks, which is why Solcial has built this platform as an avenue to share your contents and trade your assets in a free social environment with high speed and decentralized trading opportunities available to users for a better experience.



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