WITCH is an NFT project that will serve as an intermediary transferring everything with value, you love in the real world to the metaverse. We are currently working with various content and entertainment industries to launch a wide array of NFT projects. In particular, through partnering up with STUDIO LENNON, industry’s

leading CG and VFX content production company, we will be able to efficiently advance our NFT related products.


We plan to launch Witchverse, a digital showroom that will integrate all the NFTs created through our products so far. With Witchverse, anyone who uses our product

will be allocated their own space to display and interact with their NFT. Users can play NFT albums in it or display the NFT they have collected so far. Showing off your own NFT collection is, after all, we got into NFTs in the first place.

We expect the metaverse to evolve in three major phases. We have launched two products, WitchWitch and Witchcraft in line with Phase 1, and plan to launch additional innovative products in accordance with Phase 2 and Phase 3.


Metaverse in Real World
The metaverse, in actuality, has long been deeply rooted in our lives. The social media feeds that pour out profusely on a daily basis is a metaversal reflection of the

real world. If you expand the meaning of metaverse a little more generously, YouTube and Spotify, where people consume most content, are also examples of the metaverse in that they are sending and receiving digital content.

Phase 2

  • Metaverse and Real World
    Now that content and assets that were only viable in the digital world have an

    impact on reality, the boundaries between the metaverse and the real world will

    gradually fade: Phase 2 is where reality and the metaverse becomes even more



  • Metaverse with Real World
    Through WitchWitch, Witchcraft, and other various products in the works,

    the amount of impact the metaverse will have on the real world will grow progressively. With further advancement of blockchain scalability, transaction speed and graphics technology, a world where skipping through the metaverse and reality in a borderless fashion might come true.


Token Name: Witch Token
Token Ticker: WITCH
Token Standard: ERC20
Max Supply: 100,000,000 WITCH


  • 5,000,000 WITCH token is allocated for Private Sale participated by seed and early supporters. Tokens will be unlocked 6 months after TGE and released linearly over 14 months
  • 10,000,000 WITCH token is allocated for Reserve and will be unlocked 12 months after TGE and linearly released over 20 months
  • 20,000,000 WITCH token is allocated for Team and Founders and will be unlocked 12 months after TGE and released linearly over 20 months.
  • 50,000,000 WITCH token is allocated for Ecosystem and will be released linearly over 33 months upon TGE





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