A Web3 social media network called Solcial is intended to rebalance the balance of power from corporations to the community. The platform gives each user and content provider complete control over the actions they take and the materials they share with their audience.

The fact that Web 2 social media platforms are governed by corporations with just self-serving financial interests is one of the issues we have with them. They only care about users when it’s time to create surveys for advertisements, not because they have the users' best interests at heart. The surveys continue to be designed to leverage user data for financial gain without the users' benefit. The baboon is eating while the monkey is at work.

Power will be shifted with the help of Solcial, a web3 social media. Imagine giving the community control over social media instead of the corporation. Users would then have more freedom of expression and the ability to monetize their content.
Social media becomes more fun for everyone as a result of Solcial’s ability to offer power to the community that adds value.

Users of social media will only be pleased when they can profit fully from their material and can express themselves freely without worrying about the platform they’re using taking offense.

Web 3, Defi (Decentralized finance), and blockchain are just a few of the technologies that Solcial will deploy.
Let’s transform social media for the better and give people more control over it, so that it becomes more pleasurable.

In conclusion, Solcial must lead us all in the social media revolution. To be able to earn a living and speak out without worrying about being silenced or prohibited, everyone needs freedom. Even a young child may recognize the value of freedom. It’s time to reject censorship since we have suffered enough injustice in Web2 social media networks.



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