Who Can Benefit On Solcial??

  • Censorship-free; Censorship Violates Freedom of Speech, and when freedom of speech is restricted, people become afraid of speaking out about evil practices in society. Solcial being a decentralized social network, guarantees its users a censorship free platform, where users can express themselves freely without fear.
  • Privacy; On Solcial everything is encrypted, without any backdoor reading your private messages. You can create an anonymous account and use it as you please.
  • Monetization Of Content; Solcial has made monetization of user contents very easy. User will be able to monetize their blog post, NFTs, trade signals, YouTube videos and a host of other contents.
  1. Influencers: can monetize their audience and grow their followers by providing them a way to invest in the influencers directly.
  2. Content creators: can monetize their content, people can buy their token to subscribe to their posts and effectively increase the market cap of the content creator.
  3. Companies: can also monetize their ‘social capital’, and offer, to their token holders, discounts at their stores, or premium access to exclusive content! This social capital is different from the equity value of a company, and it is something that hasn’t been monetized until now, until we tokenize it.
  4. Artists: can also create their own account and offer NFTs, or special limited editions of their arts, or even offer ‘private shows’ to their token holders, to their fans that are investing in them.
  5. Users: users who do not create contents aren’t left out, they too can earn rewards as well. On Solcial, creators and users can both earn money unlike Web2 platforms. It’s a win-win for all users.



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