Some of this usecases are highlighted below:

  1. Active Liquidity Management – This dynamically tracks pricing to maximize liquidity, which improves users' returns. Users can subscribe to a variety of CHI via their smart vaults.
  2. Strategy Profits — High yield techniques could be developed by experienced and talented market makers and developers to attract liquidity. More liquidity will ensure price consolidations in addition to bringing benefits to subscribers.
  3. Price Management — CHI suppliers can handle certain pricing intervals with the help of effective liquidity strategy assistance.
    Users are essentially building a financial instrument that shorts volatility by establishing liquidity with tight price intervals and the usage of leverages.
  1. Subscribe to different CHIs — (programmable strategy NFTs) according to your asset structure.
  2. Multi-party Yield Mining — Managing liquidity with YIN Finance will not only earn fees and YIN, but YIN will audit reliability and support Uniswap v3 liquidity mining cooperatives to access mining, allowing you to obtain multiple benefits
  3. Automatically Re-invested — In Uniswap v3, users need to manually collect fees to re-invest, YIN Finance will automatically re-invest for you

A detailed benefit of how each of these users could benefit from the yin finance mechanism:

  1. Platform/KOL/Community: Create a strategy, go to Uniswap to add liquidity, manage liquidity positions
  2. Fund manager: Create a fund, buy stocks from a brokerage, manage fund positions
  3. Professional users: Create a strategy, manage strategy, share revenue
  4. Ordinary users: Create YANG, choose a strategy, subscribe, collect rewards, cancel subscription
  1. Third-party protocol mining
  2. Leveraged liquidity providing
  3. A plan for multi-chain launch
  4. User-created liquidity strategies
  5. Official platform strategies focused on low volatility stablecoins
  6. Support for interactions with third-party liquidity mining protocols, thus expanding streams of benefits.

Yin finance has also placed priority SECURITY.



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